Study of soil salinity and agricultural land use in the Avonlea area
Project Description

The purpose of this study was to track changes in known saline areas through time using air photos and to relate these changes to agricultural land use practices. Information on changing soil salinity conditions were used to establish trends for correlation with other parameters such as climate, grain prices, and production costs. The focus of the study was on sites where the PFRA staff  have conducted on-farm salinity investigations in the Avonlea, Sk. area.

Air photos were collected from 1947 to 1991 and Landsat satellite imagery was acquired from 1984 and 1990. Salinity areas were mapped and salinity ratings were applied. A cyclic trend in severity of salinity was revealed likely due to differing climactic conditions through time. Other patterns noted in soil salinity had to do with the landscape position of the sites. Soil salinity sites were located on plains-transitional, uplands/ side slopes, and bedrock controlled areas. The study sites located at different landscape positions also showed differing trends of soil salinity severity through time.

Terrain mapping and site characterization                   Environmental studies

Project Details

JD Mollard and Associates

JD Mollard and Associates