MSS Landscape Change Study – Inco Thompson Mine Stack Emissions Study
Project Description

In 2004 JDMA was hired by UMA Engineering to assist with portions of an Environmental Effects study on the (then) INCO nickel mine at Thompson, Manitoba.  Field and desktop studies were being carried out to assess the air and water quality, soils, vegetation, terrestrial wildlife, and landscape in the boreal forest surrounding the mine.  As part of the Landscape Component of the study, JDMA was contracted to carry out a historic change detection study of the forest using multi-spectral satellite imagery.

To carry out the change detection study JDMA acquired Landsat multi-spectral satellite imagery captured in 1974, 1990 and 2003 and processed them to a common projection and grid size. A basic dark target atmospheric correction (DTAC) factor was applied to minimize atmospheric scattering in the images.  Inter-sensor calibration techniques were also applied to minimize differences in the spectral signature between the Landsat MSS (1974), TM (1990) and ETM+ (2003) sensors.  Each calibrated image was then processed to produce a corresponding Normalized Difference Vegetative Index (NDVI) image of the study area for that year.  Statistical comparisons of the NDVI measurements between years showed a continuing impact on the health and productivity of the boreal forest in areas closer to the mine site compared to forested areas farther away, a conclusion that was supported by field measurements taken in UMA’s other study components.

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Project Details
ClientInco Mining Limited

JD Mollard and Associates

JD Mollard and Associates