Physical Environment Overview Study to Assess Seepage and Salinity Problem Areas Along and Near the St. Mary Main Canal from Ridge Reservoir to Murray Reservoir
Project Description

The study was undertaken by JD. Mollard & Associates to investigate the usefulness of using air photos, mapping products, and available report data to detect seepage along the St. Mary River Irrigation District main canal between Ridge Reservoir (south of Lethbridge) to Murray Reservoir (southwest of Medicine Hat). A second objective of this study was to determine how  Interpretation techniques might be used to help evaluate alternative proposals for solving seepage and related land deterioration problems.

The data gathered for use in this study included agricultural soil survey maps and reports, surficial geology maps, bedrock geology maps, groundwater maps and reports, PFRA borehole logs and
generalized soil profiles, water well logs, 1: 50,000 NTS mapping, 1: 80,000 LIFT air photos, 1: 20,000 panchromatic air photos, and 1: 10,000 colour air photos. The three different air photo collections obtained were all from different time periods. This allowed for a comparison of seepage and salinity characteristics through time. The desktop work was supplemented by a field reconnaissance and ground-truthing trip to the site.

By using the background mapping and report data in conjunction with the air photo mapping, it was discovered that seepages and salinity concerns occurred in several environmental settings that were conducive to precipitating salts and moving ground water. These environments were identified for Alberta Environment staff to target remediation efforts.

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JD Mollard and Associates